Fashion Futurism

The Futurism Collection 
Shows the fashion styles from a future, realistic utopian
society, with advances in technology and environmental consciousness through resourceful design and and engineering that is reflected within the society's dress. This collection uses convertible fashion as a futuristic approach to sustainability; it uses adjustable elements like zippers, snaps, and cords to create garments that can be modified, allowing users to create more outfits with less garments.
This promotes a ‘need less’ mentality within fashion and works to try and revalue the clothing we choose to own, creating a design focus on quality over quantity. Convertible clothing works to redefine the meaning of sustainable fashion from ‘old and reused’ to ‘resourceful and repurposed’. Demonstrating how sustainability can feel new exciting despite using pre-existing resources.
 These pieces are genderless and use adjustable elements in order to fit a range of bodies, using Spandex and dead-stock Nylons and a wide array of silver hardware.
This is a ready to wear, commercial collection with both basic and statement pieces to show the plausibility of using new convertible and sustainability ideas within the fashion industry. My hope is to inspire more interest in the sustainable market and create a fashion industry closer to my future realistic utopia.
Images by Nick Hadji-Michael
Laura Heron & Jason Kha